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How much is a set of the playground bumper to bumper

How much is a set of the playground bumper to bumper

1, skynet bumper car is a kind of bumper cars, car body is made of a green glass fiber reinforced plastic products forming, iron electrostatic spray painting, equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing function, etc., skynet motos colour is gorgeous, do not fade, with environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, beautiful, novel styles, safety performance is good, adapt to the characteristics of field widely, is welcome by the market and the children's favorite amusement equipment.

                                                                                                               bumper car

2.The bumper car is a mobile game facility. The equipment includes bumper cars and an indoor area. There is a power grid on the floor. There are small electric bumper cars for passengers to drive. The bumper car has an apron made of rubber and is powered by a vertical pole from the ceiling. The car usually has a maximum of two people, with accelerated pedals and steering steering wheels.

                                                                                              Bumper car rides

3. The earth network bumper cars, also called skynet bumper cars, are positive, negative poles are on the floor of bumper cars.The working voltage is 48V. This bumper car is very safe.There is no conductive plate above, and the bumper car is a lot more beautiful.Due to technical progress, a fixed bumper cars appeared "drift", that is to say, when playing with the bumper cars with speed, the players whirled bumper car steering wheel, will the car away, very exciting.

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