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Jungle roller coaster | roller coaster rides | big roller coaster

Jungle roller coaster | roller coaster rides | big roller coaster


Number of passengers: 2 people * 4 cars = 8 people

Maximum operating speed: 22km / h
Track height: 2.9 meters
Operating height: 3.6 meters
The total length of the road: 95 meters
Drive power: 54KW
Installed capacity: 60kva
Area: 21.7 * 15 = 325.5

Power: 3N + PE, 380V, 50HZ

Jungle spin roller coaster amusement machine is a new design of roller coasters, its main features are: each individual car running orbit, its seating parts in slide along the track of the whole process, because the rotary motion of each different, the centrifugal effect makes the block in the process of sliding more rich, take felt different and more add fun, products are widely applied in the medium and large amusement park (field).

Roller coaster generally divided into large stimulating a roller coaster, small children play mini shuttle climbed, before that, on the market is not suitable for family visit collective medium roller coaster, stimulation of moderate degree of a roller coaster, so since 2014, Jin Boda force in the development the family a roller coaster and now has developed five roller coaster rides of parent-child play equipment suitable for family, for the year 2016 alone at home installed more than 500 sites, customers reflect the amusement attendance is very good, this year the kimball continue to cooperate with well-known Italian machinery amusement equipment engineer amusement equipment research and development of new popular with the market.

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