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Outdoor recreation equipment air force one rotary amusement facilities

Outdoor recreation equipment air force one rotary amusement facilities

1. Total power: 18KW
2. Equipment height: 4M
3. Operating height: 1.95M
4. Speed: 1.9m / s
5. Number of people: 32 people

6. Area: diameter 15M

The amusement equipment is a new type of amusement equipment

Air force one amusement equipment is a 360 ° rotating ground exempted from inspection amusement equipment, the equipment system, program control system, by the market, motor block and tackle, go round, lamp act the role ofing, cockpit, in particular, complex internal structure of kimball is the rotation of the independent research and development of recreational amusement equipment, purchasing listed above market mania in March, at the same time, there are some factories refer to the appearance of the air force one amusement equipment to imitate some different modelling style, note, however, kimball air force one arm length is through strict arm length of data measuring, hum in all conditions to ensure the safety of each branch arm left open, now on the market there are a lot of air force one imitation style, the price is cheaper, but the arm length, easy to rotate 360 degrees to collide, the potential risk is high.

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