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Technical parameters of roller coaster

Number of passengers: 2 people * 4 cars = 8 persons
Maximum operating speed: 22km/h
Driving power: 54kw
Track length: 95 meters
Orbital length: 2.9 m
Operating height: 3.6 meters
Installed capacity: 60kva
Cover area: 25 * 17

Power supply: 3N + PE 380V 50HZ

Roller coaster

The snow and ice roller coaster sincerely recommend to the management of indoor playground purchaser, modified snow and ice on a roller coaster for its pure and fresh colour and modelling, indoor amusement equipment in the industry of a roller coaster plate, the degree of be fond of children has gone far beyond the kimball designer feasibility analysis of the data.

Entertainment equipment

Already in operation in 2016, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, shanxi, hebei, zhejiang and so on more than 30 sites overall reflect the income is very good, it can cover an area of an area small, investment amount is moderate, the characteristics of wide audience, while children indoor playground equipment is mostly children playing, adults see in side, interactivity, accompanied by parents with a long time easy to tired, equipped with this kind of snow and ice on a roller coaster, adult child can play together, which can increase family affection, and benefit for the safety management of the amusement park, adults and children together at any time, the workload of playground safety management personnel, the main is can increase the part of the operating earnings, the other children's amusement equipment have little advantage.

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