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Jin bo new type amusement equipment.Air force one amusement equipment factory

Jin bo new type amusement equipment.Air force one amusement equipment factory

Voltage: 380 v

Total power: 25KW
Equipment height: 4M
Operating height: 1.96 m
Speed: 1.9 M/S
Rotation: less than or equal to 12RPM
Rotary disc diameter: 12M
Number of passengers: 32

Cover area: 15M diameter

Equipment introduction: the new large-scale mechanical amusement equipment, air force one, which was developed exclusively in 2017, will be the favorite of buyers at guangzhou amusement fair in 2017.

Five reasons for investing in air force one's new amusement equipment:

1. The new amusement equipment listed in 2017 is cool and cool, with gorgeous lighting and moderate stimulation, which attracts the attention of many devices.

2. 16 silos of four arms, carrying 32 passengers at a time, the single round revenue is larger than the general amusement equipment;

3. The amusement equipment is exempted from inspection and monitoring by the quality inspection department.

4. Jinbo r&d alone, Italian joint venture technology, quality stability, quality assurance, lifelong after-sales;

5, rapid gains, real customer case sharing: fuzhou this year the total site opened on June 1, Chen only kimball air force one amusement equipment in the day it opened, earned 33600 yuan as of June 18, kimball air force one with total revenues of nearly 400000 yuan, business is very good, need of the customers can contact kimball field visit accompanied by business people, more air force one amusement equipment field case, please inquire.

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