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The ocean swivel chair of children's amusement equipment

The ocean swivel chair of children's amusement equipment

Voltage: AC380V 50Hz
Timing setting range: 1 ~ 5min ± 10s, five files adjustable
 Rotation direction: clockwise
 Rotation speed: about 4 to 8 r / min, the speed can be adjustable through the inverter
5. Rotation diameter: approx. 4.5 m
6. Rated passenger: 12 people, cockpit (a total of 6 cockpit)
7. Rated load: 300kg, 50kg / cockpit (a total of 6 cockpit)

8. Area: ? 6.0 m x 3.0 (H) m

Mini flying chair is the classic flying tower children's amusement equipment.

Compact stylish but the function is all ready, design the cartoon print design, gorgeous lighting, modelling such as orchid open, luxuriant abnormalities Children Marine flying chair, mini flying chair under the boom of connecting seats Indoor Marine flying chair, equipment operation, tourists like to fly in the sky The most stimulating Marine flying chair, drifting, seasky, thrilling. This kind of children's amusement equipment is suitable for children, especially for young children.

This ocean flying chair can be used for park amusement parks, indoor children's parks, business superdoors, or stand-alone operations.

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