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Fantasy bicycle | new amusement equipment | park rides

Fantasy bicycle | new amusement equipment | park rides

Technical parameters of the dream bicycle:

Number of passengers: 16people (8 tank)
Lifting height: 1.9 meters
Power:19 kw

Floor area: 9 meters in diameter (including fence)


Jinbo amusement equipment manufacturer, is now popular amusement equipment, main products are: dream bikes, BMW coasters, Marine floating boat, ocean carousel, Marine train, rotating bee, mini shuttle, disco turntable, control plane, luxury carousel, shaking his head flying chair, three-dimensional space ring, rotating big octopus, naughty fort, bumper cars, control the flying saucer, crazy seat, hydraulic control takeoff and landing aircraft takeoff and landing aircraft, four chariots, Star Wars, the plane swivel chair, era, orbit train, storage battery and a series of products.







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