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Mini flying car children's amusement equipment

Mini flying car children's amusement equipment

Voltage: 110V / 220V
Crew: 8 people
Height: 2.2m
Power: 1.1kw

Area: 6 meters in diameter

Mini flying amusement equipment is suitable for children and adults of more than 1.2 M. The product is characterized by a circle of circles and sliding along the track. It is beautiful in appearance and vivid in color. As the tourists ride, the cockpit disc spins smoothly, the body glide smoothly along the track, and along with the lifelike, beautiful music and flashing lights, the passengers enjoy unlimited joy. The equipment is suitable for amusement parks, parks, squares, cultural centers and other places. Slide mini coaster is these two years popular kind of amusement equipment, because the cover an area of an area small, indoor and outdoor became welcome investors of product can be placed, the device in kimball recreational money is to sell more fire.

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